I would’ve earlier laughed it off,
These were the things I did scoff,
But when you are down and out,
You seem to look at them with less doubt,
In fact you tend to believe in them,
Perhaps this is from where they stem,

So is it reasonable to state,
Ill happenings in this country are spate,
It is no wonder you can in every corner spot,
Superstitions for every ocassion sprout,

I am no different,
Presently on the back foot for my daughter’s ailment,
So a simple thing like an upset tummy,
Makes my mind spin in the superstitious academy,

I don’t consider the food she ate,
The reason for her current state,
Instead I think ‘nazar’ could be the cause,
People would have seen my baby in a bad light as it was,
I conduct the paraphernalia that goes with it,
To rid the ‘nazar’ with which my baby was bit,

Hopefully my baby is well soon,
And she is soon well being’s festoon