It was a big day for her,
It was a graduation party for her brother,
Yes you heard it right,
Her cousin’s party was her delight,

But if you’d seen her,
You’d think she was graduating instead of her brother,
She was up all night,
Yet on the day all bright,

But I think I didn’t read her enthusiasm correctly,
Because that’s the way she is usually,
I didn’t make a big deal of it,
Perhaps I should’ve, that’s what everyone else deemed fit,

I realized it only later,
Going by the venue, gifts and other paraphernalia,

In our days it was different,
Completing twelveth was not like what it is at present,
Yes, there was enthusiasm and fervour,
But restricted for a college seat to procure,

Now it’s a grand affair,
It’s a grand celebration cum where s/he is going away to declare,
It’s a leaving home of sorts,
Where a new roadmap of life s/he purports,

Naturally the venue is grand,
And gifts and presents of premier brand,
If only I had paid heed to my baby,
My choice of gift would’ve reflected the mood maybe,
Not so much the choice of gift perhaps,
More in the brand I would’ve had no lapse