Oh how we love to shop,
Shop shop shop till we drop,
And specially when we are in our teens,
Can’t help shopping – it’s in our genes,

Well, my lil one’s caught the shopping bug,
You should see her grin as she tries out her new shrug,

She skims through the rows of dresses,
Picks out a red checked one and adjusts her tresses,

I must say she has a natural flair for this,
She picks up the best of things,

She’s done with one store,
Hops to another to see what’s in store,
I know she has a thing for scents,
And sure enough she heads for those segments,

We had to steer her clear of them,
But she had to purchase some item,
So she picked up a pair of shoes,
Real smart ones she did choose,

And she would have carried on,
If I could I would have let her go on,
The glee on her face is something,
For that look I’d do anything