I think it was a big mistake,
The course of progress was not quite what we wanted it to take,
Although in the beginning it did look promising,
The lull in her surge seemed to swing,

But then what I always feared seem to surface,
Something we were warned we had to brace,

They said it could be managed,
There were pills that could be leveraged,

But alas we couldn’t prevent the damage,
The seizures went on a rampage,

She was pushed back in her marathon,
Nullifying the various milestones she had uptil now won,
She was flung back almost to the start,
Whereas in the final leg was where she had dart,

But the race is not over my folks,
My baby’s picking herself up for the master strokes,

It’s okay if the stem cells didn’t work for her,
She has the strength to create a stir,
She is culling out whatever it takes,
She’s not letting stem cells pull on the breaks,
I know she’ll reach the finish line,
A new meaning to tough she will define!