The cold refuses to recede,
Encircling us more closely in its deed,
The white sheet around us,
Making the children miss their bus,

It’s February for God’s sake,
It’s time for the warm sun to claim it’s stake,
It’s time to bid adieu to jackets,
And put away the warm blankets,

But what is this?
Why the icy kiss?
Why the dense fog?
Why be hindered by the smog?

And I thought I liked the winters,
The nip in the air and the dip in thermometers,
I liked the long coats,
The mufflers, mittens and the anecdotes,

But with the aging years,
The chill holds no reason for cheers,
As I struggle with aching bones,
Layers of clothing and chapped cheekbones,

How I yearn for the warm sunlight,
When everything around is colorful and bright,
I long to slip into a floral dress,
The almost sheer one which is sleeveless!