How much can your body take?
When you are constantly on your feet for others sake,
Not for ten or twenty years,
But for a good seventy years,

How much can your body take,?
Eventually it is bound to ache,

So was the case recently,
When her body collapsed suddenly,
And it wasn’t for anything serious,
Just that the common cold had turned notorious,

Her body refused to put up a fight,
Succumbing to its chilly bite,
What in other times meant a cough and a sniffle,
Turned out for breath a major scuffle,

She had to be rushed to the clinic immediately,
Oxygen and intravenous administered instantly,

It was indeed a rare situation,
To have my mum in this condition,
All these years she was the one,
Taking care of everything under the sun,

How much can your body take?
Eventually it is bound to ache,

It is definitely a warning sign,
With age to its slow pace one must resign,
One must oneself begin to take care,
Make sure to tend to one’s wear and tear