I’ve always wanted five kids,
I’ve wanted them swarming about the house opening lids,

I’ve always wanted chaos and mayhem,
Wanted bickering, jostling and affection amongst them,

I’ve always wanted a full house,
Often sanity in the commotion douse,

Then I had my lil one,
My one and only one,
She was my full house,
She was my madhouse,

Then she was almost gone,
Almost, then God had pity and she was reborn,

Reborn to erase any semblance of doubt,
Only this time she was in no hurry to sprout,

The madhouse bore an eerie silence,
The lull, the quiet, prevailing since thence,

Sometimes the seams tugging at this silence seem to tear,
Unleashing the joy, the mirth through the gaps made bare,

I know the day is not far away,
When laughter and cheer will see the light of the day,

I know the day is not far away,
When the fun and frolic seething beneath will surface at the bay