I used to pride myself at being on top of things,
I used to pride myself at the quality ATD brings,
At skillfully pulling several strings,
Being at various places as if I had wings!

But now the wings seem clipped,
Quality at several levels have slipped,
I am no longer on top of things,
In fact I tend to forget even the most recent things,

Forget attention to detail,
I’m glad if I can remember yesterday’s tale,
Now the focus is just to be able to get things done,
Forget being the efficient someone,

Is this what age does to you?
Do you lose your edge or is it a change in your life’s view?
What was important then probably don’t hold true,
Perhaps there are other more important things to do,

Yes, perhaps yes that may be the case,
But if memory didn’t fail me now I can still save face!