Ours is a rough terrain they say,
Rugged land, rugged people in their beret,
But nestled in this parched land,
Are several picturesque getaways indeed very grand,

My little one is all set for a visit to one of these,
Courtesy an opportunity from school which she was quick to seize,
They are off on an outbound learning expedition,
To a beautiful quaint resort for some quiet peaceful rendition,

I don’t know how much learning will take place,
But my girl is happy just to be in a different space,
Away from her mundane routine,
Of her innumerable therapies scene,

It’s great to see her spark surface,
Which had gotten buried under her medicine menace,
It’s great to see her ordering around,
Getting things organized for the trip she’s bound,

It’s great to see her lose her sleep,
In anticipation and in thoughts deep,
It’s good to see her rouse from her slumber,
Because her languor did her progress encumber,

I hope the trip is the antidote,
For her recent sluggish note,
I hope she comes back with more vigor,
To resume her therapies with more rigor