An ongoing PE class reminded me of my school,
Children lined up straight as if they’ve just seen the ghoul,
Usually this is not the case,
The kids here are rarely so orderly as if fit in a brace,

Such was the scene in our times,
When we had to be exact even methodic most of the times,
But this is not how things are these days,
Specially in terms of straight lines and disciplined ways,

The focus now was more on the end task,
And there could be several paths to reach there if you’d ask,
Back then we were told there was a best way,
But now a different approach can turn out to be mainstay,

So to see the children lined up straight and tidy,
As if to tread the fixed path was to disembody,
The very idea of everyone being different,
That different paths could be advertent,

While discipline is a good thing,
It should not clip your wing,
It should not straitjacket you,
Rather it should strengthen you