I see a sea of change in this field,
What was earlier prime is no longer the guild,

Earlier we didn’t dare to do certain things,
These days kids just seem to have wings,

Take for instance a small thing like your hair,
Leaving it open in school we just couldn’t dare,
But in my girl’s school I see,
Every other girl flaunt her tresses in glee,

In our times they had to be pulled back in pigtails,
Pinned and clipped just like our nails,

Even if we had a short haircut,
We simply couldn’t style it and strut,
The nuns made sure we had it pinned back,
Or be sure to face the flak,

Take me for instance, I had this chic hairdo,
It was a rage those days and quite some attention it drew,
It was the famous ‘Diana’ haircut,
And I ran my fingers through the hair and pranced about,

The teachers warned me,
The nuns warned me,
But I just didn’t care,
I simply loved my hair,

Then one day it was raining,
We couldn’t go out to the fields for physical training,
So we sat in the classroom,
Little knowing it was my day of doom,

As usual I sat at the back,
Engrossed in a chatter with the pack,
I didn’t see her approach,
Nor hear her reproach,

The next thing I knew my hair was gone,
She snipped my hair as if grass on the lawn,

I burst into tears,
Garnering the sympathy of my peers,
But what was done was done,
There was nothing I could do to make it undone,

The next few months I walked around head bowed down,
As if looking at the floor my miseries would drown,

It was a long time before I could flounce,
But I dared not let my hair bounce,

So every time I see these girls toss their hair,
Something tugs at my heart and my heart I needed to bare