And the door bell rings yet again,
It’s the numerous courier bane,

There was a time when people’s face lit up when the door bell rang,
Then it was mostly for your friends gang,

Now is another time another zone,
The door bell rings in fact even your phone,
For the delivery of the endless couriers,
Of clothes, toiletries, groceries and even appetizers,

Now the door bell has no charm,
It doesn’t beckon you, only causes qualm,
If it was once or twice you’d understand,
But several times every day is difficult to withstand,

There was a time when you went out,
With a shopping list and generally to hangout,

The weekends meant a trip to the super store,
Wheeling your cart between rows of home goods as you explore,
It meant picking, feeling and checking your stuff,
To see if it had sufficient fluff,

It also meant a lot of cacophony,
As friends bumped into each other and greeted in symphony,

The weekend trip was also tactile,
Where you could touch, feel, and even smile,

Now it’s only plodding on the laptop,
No touch, feel or assess when you shop,

Like the doorbell, shopping has lost its charm,
Constant gazing at the monitor only causes more harm