I’ve seen the excitement as you discovered something new,

I’ve seen your eyes light up when in your project you get a breakthrough,

I know you like to explore,
To unravel, discover and to burrow,

I know you like to unearth,
Delve deep to know what it’s worth,

I know how much you like to learn,
To experience for yourself and discern,
No wonder you miss the Heritage school,
Where experiential learning was so cool,

I read your reminiscences of your days here,
Wonderful memories of your experiences dear,

Now take this new place as a new learning ground,
And weave an exciting experience/journey on which you’re bound,
And you’ll see the deafening silence come alive,
With new sounds, new people, new experiences and new vive,

You’ll see you’ve discovered new people to befriend,
People with whom time you’d like to spend,
Perhaps a new hobby they’d like to share with you,
And along with tennis, perhaps basketball or something new,

So cheer up my boy, my little girl’s dear friend,
Give California a chance to befriend