Have you ever been the victim of a goof up?
Have you ever been the stooge of a letup?

I have been that fool of late,
I have fallen hook, line and sinker for the bait,

Yesterday I accompanied dad for a haircut,
That’s where of the biggest joke I became the butt,

I had this sudden urge to snip my hair,
Change my hairdo so I did declare,

Do away with the present style,
I’ve been sporting it for quite a while,

What I need is a change,
I need to widen my range,
I thought a bob with a fringe was befitting,
What did I know the stylist was a novice and into the profession his foot just setting,

As his scissors began the job,
I could sense them my confidence rob,
My constant injunctions bore no effect,
The guy carried on with his snipping unchecked,

And when he was done I looked at the glass,
The disappointment I could not surpass,

The fringe reminded me of my school days,
When my hair was chopped off because of my wayward ways,

I tried desperately to look at the positive side,
Perhaps a ruffle would help me take it in my stride,
But what’s done cannot be undone,
I’ll just have to wait for it to grow and in the meanwhile be the butt of others fun!