It is indeed a small world,
How else would you explain when memories of a distant past unfurled,
There in her therapy center hall,
As I spoke to a family about their son’s bike fall,

We got talking about our children’s condition,
How the doctors didn’t offer much for rendition,
It was our faith in the above,
And our belief that s/he would definitely show his/her love,

Then as our banter moved along,
I asked them where did they belong,
That’s when memories began to tumble out,
Because they came from a place I simply loved to tout,

Yes! they were from this quaint town called Kurseong,
The same place I grew up and felt did belong,
What’s more they even went to the same school,
They too were the Helenite jewel,

We talked about Sr. Eileen, JC and Sr. Jude,
The flair and charm they did exude,
We talked of DDS and fetes,
Of elocutions and concerts,

The boys in their family studied at Geothals,
Our partner school with whom we had balls,

Then we spoke of the year ’89,
That’s the year I passed out – batch of’ 89,
That’s when I was asked if I knew any Geothalite of that batch,
And before I could answer, the name popped up, everyone’s dream catch!!

I was immediately transported to my school days,
The fair handsome boy with his charming ways,
I remembered him as Nicholas Nickleby,
Watching him with rapt attention and glee,
Who would think after all these years,
In the therapy center just the mention of a name would bring such cheers