Sometimes we need a hug not a lecture,
Sometimes it’s better to go with the flow than conjecture,

Sure knowledge is important,
But gut equally relevant,
Sometimes a kind word can achieve more,
Than a pill to take away your woe,

There is something about the intangible,
It is more powerful than the tangible,
It is what makes or breaks a match,
It is what helps from the opponent the game snatch,

It is this something we know as energy,
The power of it augmented when in synergy,

Is this intangible force we call the Providence?
To whom we beseech for benevolence?

It is definitely something you need to feel,
To sense and to believe so that it can heal,

And like I said it gets amplified when in synergy,
So I appeal to you all to dispel your doubts and ideology,
Come together for this one cause,
Bring your energies to reinstate my little girl to what she once was