Back to school after a long hiatus,
Had a good mind to give it a miss,
Not because there was a long break,
But we have been the whole night awake,

I wonder what was it that was playing on her mind,
She seemed restless as if in search to answers that she may find,

She tossed and turned the whole night through,
Worked up an appetite even before she knew,
So in the darkness of the night,
I went down to work up a snack that she could bite,

I know of late she has been thinking a lot,
Her face often with thoughts is fraught,
Like the other day we went to the club,
Which was the kids fun time hub,
And as we sat by the poolside soaking in the ambience,
I saw her eyes well up because of her forced abstinence,
Even as she sat fighting her tears,
I marvelled at how she quelled her fears,
Because she insisted we ate at the restaurant there,
And not at some other place where the situation she could bear,

People often tell me to keep her from old memories away,
Like her old school and the club where they all used to swim and play,
They may be right because it hurts now not to be capable,
But I feel that it is what will urge her to be once again able,

I hope I am doing the right thing,
I hope it’s soon that her fate will swing