God has always been kind to me,
S/He’s blessed me with a wonderful family,
S/He’s been with me in my school days,
Always helped me with top grades,

I’ve been blessed with great friends,
In school, college and always,

I’ve also felt his/her hand over me,
When I set out in the career Quay,

Then when I wanted to settle down,
S/He made sure it was with the most sorted person in town,

But the most precious gift was my little one,
The bestest, the sweetest, the strongest under the sun,

I have everything to thank God for,
Except for my baby’s ordeal that I didn’t bargain for,
Why couldn’t S/He bless her with the same kindness?
Why must her life be such a mess?
If S/He can be so kind to me,
S/He can be to my princess too, S/He better be!