Have you ever felt like eating due to boredom?
No I’m not talking of just chewing gum,
But gorge on something really delectable,
And not just something lying on the table,

Well, this seems to be my case today,
As I sit at the reception waiting for the end of the day,
I feel drawn towards the tuck shop,
In fact I may just go there even if its a soda that I need to pop,

I must really nurture a reading habit,
Or this waiting and eating combo I must inhibit,

It is the mind that I need to feed,
And for that tons of books is what I need to read,
It’s a taste for the print that I need to cultivate,
And not my taste buds that I need to vet/wet,

At one level I am such a person of senses,
Whether visual, auditory, taste, smell or touches,

I need to raise my other levels once again,
And giving in to my senses will not help in the bargain,

Reading is my only solution,
To once again oil the engine which was once in ignition,
This is yet one more activity,
Which I need to start to regain my alacrity