What a big sacrifice I made today,
I gave up aloo chop for uttapam today,
In fact the other day too,
I bartered a stuffed kulcha for a samosa mind you,

You have no idea what an effort it takes on my part,
To forgo these things so close to my heart,
But these are little attempts from my side,
To once again be the reason of pride,

I know a better way is to exercise,
But I have never been that wise,
I tend to rely more on my flair,
And my mind wins over my body fair and square,

I can make my mind do many things,
Unfortunately I can’t with my body as it has many failings,
Either it is my back which is on the burner or it is my tight hamstrings,

My mind on the other hand is more fluid,
I can make it bend and turn as I wished,

You could say I have more control over it,
As for my body you might as well forget it,

But look at the strangeness of the situation,
I am using my mind – in my body to make correction!