I know my baby’s going to be alright,
She’s going to walk talk and be super bright,
I know this because I have faith,
It’s a strong belief and not some wraith,

I know there is a God above,
A God of compassion and of love,
I know s/he will pull her out,
Make her whole and complete without a doubt,

It was why I was quite taken aback,
When recently my staunch faith came under attack,
I was told my faith was of convenience,
I practiced only that which caused me no hindrance,
I didn’t move out of my comfort zone,
I didn’t do anything extra or anything that would break my bone,
I didn’t go out of my way to help anyone,
Unless they fell in the circle I had spun,
Come to think of it, it was kind of true,
But how does that have anything with my unflinching faith to do?

Is being philanthropic the same as having undying faith?
Or is it because I don’t in conventional religious activities swathe?
Yes, I don’t often visit the house of prayer,
But that’s because I have my little one to care,
Also I feel I can connect with God anywhere