Today was such a nothing to do day,
I am so lost without my mainstay,
She’s down with congestion and fever,
Quite pulled down and unable to deliver,

It’s so disheartening to see her like this,
Her face robbed of it’s spark and bliss,
Her eyes which of naughtiness twinkled,
Stays closed with weariness, face crinkled,

My job now is to get back her strength,
Get her up and about and back to her wavelength,

I miss having to tell her to keep her neck straight,
I miss telling her to have patience and wait,
Specially when it came to switching channels,
When a commercial interrupted and she groped at the remote panels,

I miss the activities lined up for her,
Whether school, physio, cycling or her speech sir,

Now there is simply nothing to do,
Just wait for her to recover from the flu