There was a time when my memory was as sharp as can be,
There was a time when I read something once and it always stayed with me,
There was a time when I saw something and it got imprinted in my mind,
There was a time when in studies I never had to go through the grind,

I never had to write notes,
My answer sheets were full of quotes,

I never had to be told twice,
Forgetting was never my vice,

It was also one of the reasons why I was ahead in class,
Later at work aided to be top brass,

But alas those were the times,
When I was sharp, alert and ahead of times,
When I was the topper in my class,
And a leader among the mass,

Alas now is a bleak time,
My memory keeps failing me every time,
Even when I make little notes,
I fail to check them, I’m in desperately in need of antidotes,

Do you think it’s my age to blame?
Or no intellectual stimulation which has made me so lame?

I need to put my mind to work,
I know it will help my memory perk,
Perhaps I need to get back to the corporate world,
Interact, plan, schedule, manage, perhaps then my mind will get unfurled,

In the recent years I have grown emotionally,
I have indeed grown immensely,
I have learnt to be patient,
More giving and tolerant,

But in the same years I have regressed intellectually,
I am no longer sharp, nimble, or thinking quickly,
You can even say that I have dulled,
Lost my edge, something over which I have often mulled,
And yes I can never remember,
I am now a perfect example of glowing ember!