I love the spring bloom in my front yard,
The colourful dashes difficult to discard,
The pinks and purples and the bright yellows,
A calling with which my distress mellows,

Today as I stood looking at my beauties,
I thought the Calendulas on the flower bed were misplaced dainties,
Perhaps they were better fit for the pots,
And the Petunias were the flower bed sorts,

Next time next time I thought,
My flower beds with Petunias will be fraught,

I am waiting for my desi Lilies to blossom,
I need to sun them more so that they can hold my garden for ransom,
But I think there’s still time before it’s their time,
When they will outshine the others in their prime,

Oh I love my little colourful patch,
It’s my little haven where some peace and solitude I can snatch