There was another side to the sports day,
It wasn’t all hunky dory and gay,

My baby’s hopes were pinned high,
On getting a medal which was based on a lie,

She finished her event early in the day,
It required her to throw a tennis ball out of the way,

Of course it was a big task for her,
She can just about release the ball but that her spirit didn’t deter,

She raised her arm as high as she could,
And threw the ball as far as she could,
Of course it was not good enough to be in the race,
I was happy and she tried to put up a brave face,

But she didn’t let that get to her,
She took it in her stride, put on her glares and created a stir,

Then came the prize distribution,
She and I were assured of a medal for participation,

One by one the events were announced,
Children collected their medals as their names were pronounced,

It was a long ceremony I must say,
Children gathered sure had an exhaustive day,

Soon it was time for the announcement of the last event of the day,
Children from far off schools prepared for the exit way,
I saw my baby squirm on her chair,
Her eyes well up dulling her stare,

I wish her ma’am had not built the expectation,
And said she would get a medal as consolation,

She knew she was not really in the running,
And was OK had it not been for the assuring,

The look on her face was so telling,
I couldn’t stop the tears from spilling,
I think her teachers saw her face too,
And realised the situation they had to undo,

They made a grand announcement for my princess,
And presented her a medal amidst cheers and gladness,

And my baby the baby she is,
Didn’t realise anything was amiss,
Her face instantly lit up,
And she looked like a pleased pup