I pulled a fast one on hubby dear,
Yesterday we had an argument which spoilt the atmosphere,

I was seething with anger no doubt,
To top it I was having a migraine bout,

More than that I wanted to watch my soap in peace,
And his rantings failed to cease,

In all of this I reached for the balm,
To give myself some solace and calm,

The balm I must say did its trick,
Suddenly I find my hubby apologise which is no less than magic,
He reached out and said I didn’t need to cry,
Then I realised that tears were streaming down my eye,

Of course I wasn’t really crying,
But I refrained from clarifying,
The balm was doing its job well,
I took full advantage and let hubby in remorse dwell,

Thank God for these little mercies,
I am sure he’ll pardon such small discrepancies