I am faced with a peculiar situation,
Her physical limitations don’t match her mental condition,
I won’t say she’s at par with her peers,
But definitely capable enough to go full throttle on the gears,

I am on the lookout for a catalyst,
Who can tap her potential to the best,
Use content of her mental age,
Though methods can be elementary to gauge,

Like for instance her content can be more visual,
More colour, bigger fonts, less formidable,

She could still learn about the systems of the body,
Just perhaps the tools could be more gaudy,

She could still use match the following,
Only perhaps not match basic stuff like animals and duckling,

She could match bones to the part in the body,
Or diseases to their antibody,

She could also use point the odd one out,
From a series of nouns the verb she’d need to point out,

But invariably the educators link the content with the tools,
It’s prevalent even in the best of schools,

Her therapist at the centre had her finger on the pulse,
She stimulated her intellectually and the best avulse,
I wish she hadn’t left the centre,
Till I find another, I must be her mentor