Even with the carnival gone the school still wears a festive look,
You can feel the surcharge of energy in every nook,
Children prance around in a swell mood,
The positivity around certainly makes you feel good,

My baby is on a high these days,
I guess generally the season has its ways,
She can’t stop the smile that flashes oh so often,
One look at it and you are bound to soften,

Of course she’s taking full advantage of it,
Making mischief and getting away with it,

She’s also majorly excited,
It’s about her coming trip she’s delighted,
She loves the laid back feel of her nani’s place,
No tasks, deadlines or rushed ways,

But before she sets off there are tons of things to do,
The tree needs to be put up and the decorations too,
Hopefully today we can get down to it,
Get the house spruced up and festively lit,

Oh I think I love this season too,
The joy and merriment of the milieu