The school trip was a big big hit,
She enjoyed it every bit,
The fact that she was out with her friends for the first time,
Was a dream that was almost sublime,

A separate program for parents only added to the fun,
Not to have them hovering around you was a program well spun,

The wheelchair didn’t take away anything from her,
She soaked in the delights of the trip’s myrrh,
She loved all the activities packed in for them,
Even if her condition prevented her from participating in them,

This is what I love the most about her,
No constraint can stop her from savoring the myrrh,

She loved the ambience of the place,
Kids laughing and frolicking around the place,
It’s one thing to holiday with your folks,
But it can never compare to the joy the company of peers evokes,

I remember in many of our earlier trips away,
She would always want us to engage and flow with the sway,
But I guess we were the boring kind,
Not dance around the bonfire and any verve declined,

So this trip was special in many ways,
It had friends, fun and vigour ablaze