I see most students want to take up science,
What is it with this alliance?
Is there more in store for them with science?
Will they earn more with this alliance?

I know in my time I stayed away from science,
It’s as if I shunned this affiance,
Not that I was no good in this stream,
Perhaps you could say I wasn’t what you’d call the cream,

But I was definitely in the top three,
So I would definitely get a science degree,
But I chose subjects definitely not science,
Perhaps it was my way of defiance,
I chose subjects rare at that time,
Subjects I think that are rather sublime,
Subjects that didn’t define or bind you in any way,
Rather, let you explore and make your own pathway,

Today I am glad of my decision,
Even at that age I had a clear vision,
I wasn’t going to be part of all and sundry,
In my own way I was going to be legendary