How could this slip from my mind?
Do you know where we were recently confined?
In one of those places which I have always dreaded,
The small claustrophobic cube which I have often avoided,

Yes! Folks we were stranded in an elevator,
That too with me was stuck my daughter,

But the surprising thing was I didn’t panic,
I didn’t shout or shriek,
I marveled at the way I handled the situation,
Calmly I thought of ways to end the isolation,

Laddu was also all vigilant and alert,
There were no signs of being inert,

I think we were stuck for good fifteen minutes,
And finally when they managed to open the door, we were met with anxious greetings,

The good part was the lift was not too far from the floor,
Her chair could easily be carried through the door,
For her it was one big adventure,
For me it was into something I’d rather not venture