My baby puts on her monitor garb when her father is away,
She feels it’s her duty to take charge for the day,
She makes sure everything is in its place,
And in our hurry her items we don’t misplace,

She wakes up before her time,
To ensure that things run on time,
She makes sure her mother is up and about,
Getting things done and not leaving anything to doubt,

Like today her main concern was,
Will she make it to school without a fuss,
She woke her mother well before her time,
To embark on the day’s usual grime,
Then she asked about her school chart,
Whether it looked every bit a work of art,

Satisfied with the final outcome she then turned to the maid,
To enquire whether her school tiffin had been made,
Only when she was appeased that the tasks were done,
She was at ease and into action spun,

I must say she has very little faith in her mother,
She suddenly becomes responsible without her father,
She feels she must take care of the house,
Lest in total negligence it does douse,
She also makes sure her mum is up and about,
And not soaking in her slumber bout