This is that time of the year,
When the sweet warmth of the sun you hold dear,
It’s also that time of the year,
When without the AC you can’t steer clear,

It’s what they call ‘fall’ in the West,
It’s what I think the season that’s best,

It’s the time when festivities are in the air,
Diwali, Dussehra lights and fanfare,
It’s the time when you see young and old dress up,
It’s also the time when your surroundings are lit up,

Most wedding dates are set for this time of the year,
It’s as if this time most suits the wedding gear,

In India this is also the time,
When your garden is readied for bloom time,

In India ‘fall’ is definitely not the right term season wise,
More appropriate it would be to call it ‘rise’