I have a very robust backend,
Which allows me to fully attend,
To my little one so that she can soar one day,
So that she walk and play,

My backend works tirelessly all day,
Taking care of everything that might help me in any way,
Whether at home or outdoors,
My backend makes sure it scores,

It handles all my paperwork,
Makes sure no glitches lurk,
Makes sure all my supplies are in place,
So that I can focus on the task which I did embrace,

Of late I think there’s overload on my backend,
From time to time some sputtering I have to contend,
I do try from my end to mend,
To reduce the load that tends to ascend,

I know the day will come,
When my backend will be able to breathe some,
When the load will ease off,
Perhaps the tension will be turned off