Our recent trip was an emotional one,
It was the trip we were to embark on before our fate came undone,

So it was a mixed bag of feelings all in one,
Of achievement and pang both thrown in one,

Yes, we had come this far to take the trip again,
All our efforts not gone in vain,
Our promise to our little one withstood the times,
As we took her around Universal’s pastimes,

However, there were times when we’d detect a tear in her eyes,
As she looked around to internalise,

I know what would have gone through her mind,
As she saw teens like her giggle and unwind,

She looked at them wistfully,
As they walked by chatting eagerly,
All young and agog with excitement,
And she felt trapped in her predicament,

I know she would have pranced around like the rest,
Sashaying in her hot pants and we following at her behest,

She would’ve definitely gone on all rides,
Which this time we gave a miss even the slides,

I know she felt trapped,
In her wheelchair all strapped,
I know she would love to dash away,
Just ask for the dough and go and play,
I know she would have been in the water with the dolphin,
Not at the sideline waiting for the show to begin,

But I also know we’ve come this far,
There will be a day when in her entertainment there will be no bar,
Till then my baby hold your tears,
Your mamma is with you have no fears