I think our recent trip was swell,
But my baby had another story to tell,
She agrees the Minions and Martys did catch her attention,
So did Shrek and Alex, Melton and Julien’s celebration,

But they could not take her mind off her home,
Which was definitely her comfort epitome,

The unfamiliarity of her surroundings ate into her excitement,
And she could not fully enjoy the different kinds of amusement,

The night safari surely made some headway,
In brightening up her holiday,
She swerved left and right with great agility,
To spot the animals with great dexterity,
Who would say she has less neck control,
As she veered and a glance at animals stole,

And yes, she was always a water girl,
And thoroughly enjoyed the under water magic unfurl,
She gazed with rapt attention at colorful fish swim by,
Often extending her hand to touch the marine passerby,
I think she was particularly intrigued by the ray,
Even the octopus was interesting by the way,

She loved her stroll at aquarium which was massive,
But her encounter there was mostly passive,
She had a more hands on experience elsewhere,
It’s where the adventure seeking dare,
It’s an encounter that you thoroughly enjoy from within,
It’s the encounter with the lively dolphin,

There you are, she actually loved every bit,
But even then at times the homesickness would emit,
I guess it’s because it’s the first time away,
In an unknown, unfamiliar land far way