There was a time when I had the gift of the gab,
I was articulate with a great vocab,

But that was another time,
That was when I was in my prime,

I could flit in and out with ease,
Blend in as I please,
Strike a conversation on the floor,
But all this was in a time much before,

There was a time when I was prim and proper,
Always the kind to mind my manners and dapper,

Now I’ve become quite a klutz,
Even forgotten how to jive and waltz,
I falter talking to strangers,
Get tongue tied with co passengers,

And to think I always had a way with words,
What did I know I’d become reticent afterwards,
And constantly fumble with words,

At that time words gave me a certain kind of power,
My ready armour at every hour,
With it kind of gone now,
I feel lost and crippled somehow