Last weekend was a special one,
It was filled with lots of love and fun,
My little one’s friend was here to stay,
And she was bursting with excitement needless to say,

I think her stay brought back zillions of memories,
When she was always surrounded by friends and revelries,

Now there is a slow down of visitors,
The reason could be various factors,
But I am sure it must be pinching her somewhere,
That her condition is responsible for this state of affair,

So when her friend stayed over the weekend,
She was overjoyed and held on to her friend,
Tears streamed down her small face,
As her mind tried to memory trace,
From time to time she pointed to her room,
That’s usually where she and her friend would loom,

I know she is extremely fond of this friend,
Every time I spoke to her mum, her hand she would extend,
To participate in our conversation,
To make sure of her inclusion,

I thank them from the bottom of my heart,
And request the mum not to keep the friends apart