I have been so consumed with the little one,
I’ve quite forgotten how polite conversations with strangers are done,
Unnecessarily I get into the nitty-gritty of things,
When they’d like to hear only briefings,

Take today for instance,
We had a visitor, my hubby’s acquaintance,
He came up to see my daughter,
Was delighted at her attempt at a banter,

Then he casually asked about speech therapy,
And I went on to tell when things were not this happy,
When she couldn’t even open her mouth,
Leave alone say anything or shout,
Slowly she has made her way through,
To this state where she can vocalise and coo,

I could have easily stopped at yes she goes for therapy,
And not get into the details of this entropy,

What can I say but I am so wrapped up in this,
I hope the universe can see all of this,
I hope God channels the strength of the universe,
And reverses my baby’s traumatic curse