Every other person I meet tells me to chant,
They say it has helped them, some their wishes grant,
For some it has helped to remain calm,
Helped them dispel any sort of qualm,

But I have enough faith in the one above,
S/he takes care of me and showers me with love,
S/he gives me the strength and power,
To face challenges and not cower,
S/he listens to my prayers,
Helps heal and shows s/he cares,
It may take a while to grant my wish,
But s/he gives me the perseverance to accomplish,

So I don’t feel the urge to chant,
God gives me all that I want,
Perhaps my equation with God is such,
Perhaps it’s the faith I have is much,
I don’t feel the need to look elsewhere,
I feel his/her presence everywhere