My house is another convent school,
Everything is uptight and not at all cool,
We all follow the ‘father’s’ rule,
Observe pin drop silence as a thumb rule,

You see we can’t shout or scream,
Playing loud music is only a dream,
We can’t even let our hair down and unwind,
Propriety and manners we have to mind,

He is worse than the nuns in school,
At least at times them I could fool,
But he is just as strict if not more,
Always buried in work and a bore,

I wish I could kick back my heels and engage,
In mad moments of fun and rage,
I wish I didn’t have to curb my eccentric streak,
Be more capricious and wild so to speak,

I wish I could bring home more fun and laughter,
Not just sense and responsibility we should be after