We all have our crosses to carry,
Some big, some small, only in size they may vary,

Today I spoke to a mother,
Whom I noticed every day or other,
Both of us would sit at the school reception,
Waiting for our children and ready for any intervention,

Every day I would notice,
The little boy would come and check on his mother in the front office,
He needed his mother to be there,
Just to be around so that he was aware,
That she would not leave and she did care,

I know what you must be thinking,
Perhaps parents have been over working,
Perhaps the child was feeling left out,
Perhaps loneliness this is all about,

No but this was not it,
The mother worked from home she saw to it,
There were no fights,
Everything was alright,

Then what could have triggered this insecurity,
What could have brought about this anxiety,
The parents are doing every bit,
Trying everything in their ambit,
Every day either parent stays put in school,
Even weighing options like homeschool,

Oh what they all must be going through,
If only the reason they both knew,
In fact the therapist also has no clue,
They are all hitting and trying to fix this milieu,

While speaking to the mum one thing struck me,
The human brain is indeed a mystery,
How it functions one is yet to know,
What is the trigger point and how thoughts flow,
Both our children may seem to have different concerns,
But both of us are grappling with the human brain’s twists and turns