Yesterday we were treated to a surprise adventure,
Rather, hit with a fluke misadventure,

Just as we thought we’d call it a day,
The evening turned into a may day,

We got locked out of our very own room,
And no it wasn’t a self locking bedroom,
Something seemed stuck in the door latch,
No matter how much we tried, it would not detach,

We used every tool on the bench,
Pliers, tongs, ratchets and wrench,
Each of us took turns in pushing the door,
Shoving, kicking banging galore,
But to no avail,
All our attempts seemed to fail,

But in all this failure there was certainly one merit,
In the locked room, our little one was not in it,
I dread to think what that would mean,
How flustered she would have been,

All this only strengthens my faith,
That God will protect her from every scathe,
S/he will pull her out of all this,
S/he will shower her with good health and bliss