Yesterday’s school incident left me very disturbed,
I simply cannot leave it behind, I am so perturbed,

He was only a little child for God’s sake,
How could anyone their sensibilities forsake,
He must have been so helpless in their midst,
Writhing in pain as they clenched his wrist,

I feel just as helpless when I look at children,
Miscreants find them easy for their hands to blacken,

Oh what will happen to my little one,
She has the added challenge she can’t run,
How will she be able to fend for herself,
How will she safeguard herself,
Add to that she doesn’t speak,
How will she yell out and shriek,

What will she do when I am gone,
Who will protect her from the con,

I have to get her on her feet,
I have to make her strong for challenges to meet,
I have to enable her to protect herself,
I have to equip her to fend for herself