Last night my baby didn’t sleep a wink,
Something’s playing on her mind I think,
Now it’s been over a week,
Since my baby’s nightlife’s begun so to speak,

She is all bright and awake,
As if planning what of life to make,
Now and then she seeks our reassurance,
Poking to check if we are at concurrence,

No matter how much we try to put her mind at rest,
She just lies there trying to figure a way to combat life’s test,

I know a lot is playing on her mind,
I know life has been really unkind,
I also know that she will definitely find,
A way to beat life’s nasty grind,

So what if she loses some sleep over it,
I know she’ll eventually glide over every bit,
Every bit of the turmoil of today,
Every bit of the darkness and the grey,

I see her as our very own phoenix,
Soaring above the challenges and finding the right fix