How many of you remember the Dog and the Bone?
It’s one of the most fun games I’ve known,
I recall the countless times we played this game,
As tiny tots in the field with a funny name,

The field was called Bread and Butter flat,
Only because in front of the kitchen it sat,
But then what’s in a Name,
After all it was a perfect spot for many a game,

Take another of our favourite game,
Another with a peculiar name,
We called it Kicking the Can,
And we played it with great elan,

The Bread and Butter flat was host to many other things,
Just the name a host of memories it brings,
The rounds of strolls we used to take,
Immersed in gossip in our short break,
Then there was the bursting of crackers during Diwali time,
The bonfire in the end amidst laughter and chatter at suppertime,

The flat had a perfect backdrop,
The mighty Kanchanjunga seemed on the opposite hilltop,
Nestled securely amidst towering pines,
Our Bread and Butter flat was one of its kinds