“Give to me the life I love,
Let the lave go by me,
Give the jolly heaven above
And the byway nigh me…”

These words keep reverberating in my mind,
It’s like an innate longing I seem difficult to find,

R L Stevenson’s poem echoes my very being,
The very idea of doing nothing is so freeing,

However there’s one glitch in the poem,
The title suggests of one who loves to roam,
That’s certainly not me,
That’s not how I wish to be,

I just like the idea of idleness,
Of doing nothing, of laziness,
But I don’t like the idea of a vagabond,
Of drifting, roving, of far and beyond,

But I would like a life I love,
Where the lave goes by me,
Where there is jolly heaven above,
And the byway night me…