I’m a huge sucker for pics,
At home or outdoors I’m always ready for clicks,

So on one such photo gig,
I posed and posed for the right click,
Hair down, hair rolled up in a bun,
I tried everything under the sun,
Face tilted, straight and even upward turned,
But somehow each one of them I shunned,

The angle didn’t seem quite right,
Then it struck me – it was the ‘angle’ that decided whether something was alright,
And it was not just the case of pics,
The ‘angle’ was the answer to every fix,

For example a couple was having issues in their love life,
Quarrels and tantrums were indeed rife,
And when they sought help from the local counsellor,
She advised a different angle to end the squalor,

How many times have you heard ‘look at it from another angle’
It seems like a mantra for every mangle,
Sure enough you change your angle at looking at things,
And notice the bright side that along with it it brings