To do or not to do is a question that’s looming large,
It’s something that seems to have taken charge,

I want to but I want it to play out like I want it to,
But it has its course of discourse that I can’t seem to agree to,

It’s course has many twists and turns,
And at every turn a lesson one learns,

Mostly of patience,
Even of tolerance,
Also to be deep and subaqueous,
Think less of oneself and be frivolous,

But this turn seems more twisted than others,
Returns questionable with no druthers,

Yet must tread this course of discourse,
Don’t want any feeling of remorse,
Don’t want to think we didn’t try,
Our very best to make her nimble and spry,

I think I am veering towards giving it one more shot,
Battle all the downside with which it is fraught,

I plead to God that all sails smoothly,
And the stem cells work out miraculously