This year brings with it many things new,
To start with our house has a different view,
Gone are the earthy colours that adorned our walls,
Instead a pastel green from every corner calls,

Laddu also has a new didi,
A stop gap arrangement but we were kind of needy,
At least we can continue with our therapy,
This way we all get to be happy,

The dining area also has a new look,
And no I’m not talking of a new cook,
It’s the way we’ve placed our dining table,
Somehow there’s more space now and more usable,

Talking of new things I have a new ailment,
It brings with it a whole set of curtailment,
All tasty snacks are out for me,
Pizzas, burgers, samosas I have to let be,
And no it’s not just my weight that I have to see,
It’s my pressure that’s a tad above the accepted degree,

Well not all things new can be good,
But no worries one shouldn’t unnecessarily brood,
Take one day as it comes,
And not worry about the outcomes